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Job Plan on Thursday

09.03.2011 · Posted in Uncategorized

On Thursday, after rescheduling from Wednesday, the President is going to talk about jobs and present a job plan.  At CYP, we’re going to be hosting Mike Jones, an executive at Miller Coors who, unlike Obama, might be able to tell you something about private sector employment.

This administration has got to go.  We are now three years into a pro-longed period of joblessness, and the President is just now presenting a jobs plan!

I think Obama will find that the young people in this country will be cool to his re-election (especially if the Republicans can put forth some credible ideas on this subject).  I did not lose my job, but I have friends who have had real problems with employment–because there is nothing out there.  It is not fun.  Ambitious, smart, able-body people who want to work and be productive, but who cannot because of the current state of the economy are upset and bitter.  It is not surprising that among the groups most thrown into turmoil with the economy, young professionals are among the hardest hit.

Young people who desperately want to get along with their lives (and careers and futures) cannot because of the recession.  What caused the recession is an interesting question (I don’t think anyone, on the right or left, thinks that Obama’s bank reforms fixed it).  But the most important question is, what has the President done about it?  This is a president who would rather pursue the dogmatic, ideological-driven policies instead of taking stock of what the country needs.

The country needs jobs.  It has needed jobs for three years.

Young people have reason to be upset with this President (and not just for the ideological reasons).  It’s because his priorities are wrong.  He chose to put healthcare in front of jobs.   I find it outrageous that while millions are out of work that the President has pushed any other priority, let alone a massive restructuring of an important sector of our economy (healthcare), an activity that can only create uncertainty.

And before that, he let Nancy Pelosi write the stimulus bill to make it more about Democratic party politics than about creating jobs.  Even according to his own numbers, the stimulus cost $278,000 per job

So, now, almost three years into his presidency, a presidency that was very clearly born out of economy uncertainty, Obama is now, just now, going to present a jobs plan.  I don’t care how crazy the MSM makes the Republicans look–you can’t get more nonsensical than that.

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