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About us

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  Fiscal conservatives for leadership and economic growth

We are a group of young professionals located in the greater Milwaukee area who believe that our state and nation need conservative leadership to meet today’s challenges. We are concerned about economic growth and the fiscal vitality of the greater Milwaukee area.

We refuse to stand by while we are overregulated and overtaxed.  Our personal freedoms are under attack.  We must work for a smaller, responsible and more efficient government, encourage economic prosperity and entrepreneurship, and foster individual freedom and accountability. 

Join us for great political discussion and networking. We also like to have fun! CYP will hold events throughout the year, including happy hours, outings, dinners, and tailgates.  We also engage in educational forums and in political activities to elect candidates.

Our common principles unite us.  All are welcome!  Please join our email list at www.milwaukeeconservatives.com and pass the word along to others.  If fiscal conservatives invite other fiscal conservatives, together we can help create economic prosperity and a better government. 


Board of Directors

Shannon O’Connell

Jake Curtis

Jason Kohout

Adam King

Brandon Henak

Charles Fry


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  1. Matthew Gutmann says:

    Hi, I was wondering if there were any upcoming events being planned with CYP, and if so when/where? I’d like to attend if able. If there are any upcoming events/etc upcoming for CYP, feel free to notify me via this email address. It goes right to my phone inbox, so I should be able to promptly replay when not at work/class.

    Thanks for your time in advance, hope all is well and to hear from you all soon.

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