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Speech Reaction

09.04.2008 · Posted in Uncategorized

The McCain and Palin speeches were both effective, but in different ways.

First, with respect to Sen. McCain, he did what he had to do. He made it clear to the conservative wing of the party that he would govern in a way that will make us proud. He talked about earmark reform, the need to control spending, choice within education, choice within health care, restraint within the judiciary and the overall tax burden. However, most importantly, he outlined a general theme for the final two months that to this point had been lacking.

His call for individuals to serve a purpose greater than oneself resonates. His personal journey as a cocky young man to one that lives to serve his country is a story that few live up to yet all respect. His call for an end to partisan bickering hints to his days as a “maverick” while at the same time emphasizing his focus as the real “change” candidate.

Overall, I thought it was a good mix of a forceful conservative message with a challenge to the American people to work together. At the same time, he seemed to put Washington on notice that he would bring Republican leadership the likes of which hasn’t existed for some time.

With respect to Gov. Palin, she was simply brilliant. She clearly has the pulse of one of the most important policy debates this country faces: energy. As the governor of Alaska, she has been at the forefront of the energy debate. However, by being forced to deal with energy companies on a daily basis within the context of state government, she has proven to be a true reformer when it comes to forcing a substantive energy debate. Her leadership regarding the construction of a pipeline through the state serves as a perfect example.

More importantly, she brings excitement to the ticket. While most everyone respects Sen. McCain for his leadership and courage, there was a need for excitement. The Republican Party has been beat up the past three years, and her selection has added a sense of optimism that I’m not sure any other candidate could have delivered. While she clearly will have a positive influence as far as gaining moderate and independent support, her real benefit will be in adding a sense of purpose and confidence to the conservative base. Really for the first time since 2006, I get the sense conservatives are excited about the Republican leadership and are eager to help.

My hope is that as we march toward November 4th, conservatives throughout this state will see the opportunity we have in front of us to implement real change. Step up to the plate and make it happen!


Networking Opportunity

09.03.2008 · Posted in Uncategorized

What: Grover Norquist Book Signing
Where: Americans for Prosperity Office
1126 South 70th Street, Milwaukee
When: 2:00 this Friday

Grover Norquist is President of Americans for Tax Reform. The first 50 people receive a free copy of his book, “Leave Us Alone.”

Next Event: Tuesday, September 23rd

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Please take note that our next event will be Tuesday, September 23rd. We’re planning on meeting around 5:30/6:00 again.

We are still working on a location and speaker(s). We’ll be sure to let everyone know the details as soon as possible.


Q and A

08.30.2008 · Posted in Uncategorized

Apparently, people have questions. Here are some answers:

Q: Do I have to know much about politics to come to an event? Do people come to your social hours and talk serious politics?
A: You do not have to know a ton about politics to get an involved. About all you need is a sense that taxes are too high and that the government is too big. People who come are interested in politics, so they talk about politics, but it’s generally lighthearted and fun. They also talk about business, their friends, where they live, and other things, too.

Q: I’m 45. Am I welcome?
A: McCain’s VP choice, Sarah Palin, 44, is being criticized for being too young, but we would welcome her with open arms (Jake is sending the invite now). We’re inclusive and will go all the way down to age 21.

Q: I’m a Ron Paul supporter. Can I come?
A: Please do. We’re a broad, inclusive group. Beyond being adverse to taxes and big government, CYP doesn’t take positions.

Q: Great, how do I get information?
A: Send an email to [email protected] We’ll put you on the list and let you know what’s happening.

-Jason K.

Sarah Palin: A Dynamic Choice

08.29.2008 · Posted in Uncategorized

Over the past few hours, the reaction regarding Sen. McCain’s choice has been nothing short of amazing. Everyone I have spoken with is now downright excited about the election. Imagine what the reaction would have been had the choice been Sen. Lieberman or someone along those lines?

Without getting into the complete political analysis regarding the choice, I think the best way to illustrate the impact is by describing a conversation I had in the past hour. A secretary I recently spoke with was unaware of the news.

She asked me who Sen. McCain had chosen. My political curiosity quickly kicked in. Having had several conversations with this woman recently, I was aware that she was not overly political. I wanted to quickly assess what her reaction was so I just told her to look it up online. Now I might be over analyzing this, but a close reading of the words she chose to describe the pick are telling of what Gov. Palin’s place on the ticket could do to the dynamics of this election.

She started out by simply stating “wow” (i.e. surprise), she then described the choice as “amazing” (really one of the best ways to describe it in light of the fact that there has only been one other female on a presidential ticket in this nation’s history, and I’m not sure how legitimate the ’84 ticket was), she then moved to describing the pick as “interesting” (i.e. maybe I can vote for this McCain guy), finally she described it as “exciting” (i.e. with Gov. Palin on the ticket, there is now a dynamic element to counter Obama).

Now, maybe the parentheticals are a bit over the top, but I think you get the point. This sort of thought process is probably taking place in the minds of many independent minded voters.

In addition, the Gov. Palin choice energizes the conservative base. As a true conservative reformer, Gov. Palin will add a unique voice to the ongoing debate over the direction of this country. She is a fiscal and social conservative who has had a “front seat” to the ongoing energy debate.

Noemie Emery from the Weekly Standard has a great list of of 14 things “Palin Does” for the ticket. Check it out: http://www.weeklystandard.com/Content/Public/Articles/000/000/015/482nfeqo.asp


McCain VP Pick should be Gov. Palin

08.29.2008 · Posted in Uncategorized

It is Friday morning and here we sit awaiting Sen. McCain’s choice for his running mate. Last night Sen. Obama gave a stirring speech. While I disagreed with almost every policy position outlined by Sen. Obama, one cannot deny the fact that he is a moving speaker, albeit with no substance.

At this point, as Sen. McCain moves forward, he has a real opportunity to add a dynamic element to his ticket. From all accounts, Gov. Palin has governed conservatively. She is an able speaker. She has a compelling personal story. And most importantly, by adding a female to the ticket, Sen. McCain for the first time in the election would be able to steal attention from Sen. Obama, and for more than simply a day or two.

The media, which to this point has largely ignored Sen. McCain, would be forced to divert some attention from Sen. Obama to Sen. McCain and highlight the fact that now a Sen. McCain presidency would also add a fresh and dynamic element to American politics.

When was the last time you’ve heard “fresh” and “dynamic” used to describe a potential McCain presidency?

While Govs. Romney and Pawlenty would certainly each add certain strengths to the ticket, Gov. Palin would be the exciting and wise choice for Vice President.