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Upcoming Events: Brewers Tailgate, Golf Outing and Recall Elections

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3:00 pm


 Enter the Bluemound Lot and look for the yellow Gadsden (Don’t Tread on Me) Flag.

Gadsden Flag

Traditional tailgate food will be available.

Hot Dog

Suggested Donation: $10 per person

RSVP: [email protected]

Ticket packages are not included.

CYPers are encouraged to stop by regardless

of game attendance.

Tickets can be ordered independently through various outlets.



CYP Golf Outing
August 14th (Sunday) at 1:00 pm
Nine hole scramble for $20
Join us for drinks afterwards for golfers and non-golfers alike.
Ironwood Golf Course
W270 N6166 Moraine Drive
Sussex, WI 53089

Upcoming Recall Elections: Help Needed
The Recall Elections are scheduled August 9th and
Incumbent Republican senators need your help.

Alberta Darling, whose district includes the Northshore and Germantown,
Check her website to help:
Or, if you’re in Waukesha, contact the Waukesha Republican Party:

CYP Edelweiss Boat Cruise–June 28th

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DATE: Tuesday, June 28th
TIME: 6-8pm, boat leaves at 6:00.
DEPARTING FROM: Port of Call Restaurant, 106 West Wells Street
MORE: Call 414 276 SHIP (414-276-7447) to make a reservation
Call 414 276 7447 to make your reservation for the CYP Edelweiss cruise.  Free appetizers and a cash bar available on board. Heavily discounted tickets are $10 and can be purchased over the phone with a credit card or in person at the Port of Call Restaurant.  The vessel departs at 6pm sharp–there is nothing liberal about that!

Meet Our Special Guest:
State Senator Ted Kanavas

Former State Senator Ted Kanavas was a software executive before he served as Brookfield’s State Senator.  He currently serves the Walker Administration by helping to write and promote legislation to attract venture capital to Wisconsin.  He’ll talk about what it will take to spur economic growth in Wisconsin.
As a bonus:  High placed sources say that Senator Kanavas may run for U.S. Senate. Come and meet him and tell him to get into the race.


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–  We’ve had a few snags with the boat event in June.  We’ll have information shortly.

–  On the Presidential primary:  I, like many others, am disappointed that Mitch Daniels isn’t running.  I think Mitch would have been a breath of fresh air.  He had the sense of maturity and experience that this country needs.  But I also know that at this point in the process, no candidate ever looks “perfect.”  Candidates are only perfect in hindsight, after we see them in action and they’ve won election.  It takes a long, grueling campaign to see who has the determination and stamina to potentially be a great leader.

–  I haven’t made up my mind for who to support for president (I don’t know too many people who have).  But my off-the cuff question to the fact that Mitt Romney has raised all that money is whether it gain him anything?  It seems to me it buys some organizational power, but as the caucuses and primaries start, there will be enough news attention, debates, and a small enough electorate that I don’t think money will make the difference.  The interaction between money and votes is far more complicated then the people who would steal your First Amendment rights in the name of “campaign finance reform” would ever suggest.  Many candidates can raise money because they have a winning message or are already popular (i.e., Scott Walker and Ron Johnson).  Donors are smart and they give to people who have strong messages who can win.   If another candidate shows himself to be good at connecting with voters in a principled way, then all of Romney’s money won’t matter.

–  I saw Newt in Milwaukee about a month and a half-ago.  I like Newt’s ideas.  But they all seem dated to me–like they were taken from the mid-1990’s.  I cannot see his candidacy going anywhere, but my predictions are always wrong.

–   Can the Kloppenburg campaign finally get this over with?  Justice Prosser won and that’s that.  There were a few miscounts (one or two votes difference) in many wards, but that doesn’t make it a scandal, that makes it normal.  The Kloppenburg campaign said, “We do think there have been significant anomalies and irregularities uncovered.”  I think that’s overstating it, but then again, I think conservatives have been united for a long time in our call for cleaning up how elections are run.  Thankfully, we will soon have voter ID in this state, which should fix many of the potential problems.

–  Two events worth checking out in June:  Activist and candidate training on Saturday, June 11 in Oconomowoc. If you know of someone who is thinking about running for office in 2012, this would be a great opportunity for them to learn what it takes to be a candidate for state or local office.  This training offers three separate tracks:  1) Candidate Track - for those running or considering running for state or local office; 2) Campaign Manager Track - our brand new training geared for those who are interested in running campaigns; and 3) Activist Track

Go here to Register and for more information:  http://americanmajority.org/events/candidate-and-activist-training-oconomowoc-wi/. Registration is $25 in advance for Activists ($35 at the door); $35 for Campaign Managers ($45 at the door); and $50 for Candidates ($60 at the door).

We Still Need Government Reform

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Yesterday, the Legislature’s nonpartisan budget office released revised tax revenue estimates predicting that Wisconsin’s projected revenues will be higher than previously expected.  That’s great news.  It means that the Wisconsin’s businesses and individuals are doing better.

But now that there appears to be $636 million more to spend, there is a notion that things can go back to the way they were.  Unfortunately, that is not the case.  The structural deficit was estimated to be $2.5billion in the current budget year; $636 million begins but does not solve that problem.

Gov. Walker always had two problems:  first, in a rotten economy, income taxes (especially corporate income taxes) can fall dramatically.  It leaves the state with a huge hole.  WPRI has written about the need for a rainy-day fund repeatedly.  That’s the short-term problem.  Certainly, Governor Walker’s proposed budget solves these issues, because it balances the budget without raiding segregated funds. 

The second, longer range problem is that Wisconsin’s government can be much more efficient.  This is the longer range problem, and it is the one that is difficult to solve.  Unfortunately, its the one that has to be solved for the state to be competitive.  This is where the budget reforms that Walker is pushing come in:  limiting long-term entitlement spending, limiting work rules that make government inefficient, and getting public benefits and salaries in line with those in the private sector.  Because Gov. Walker has proposed (and passed) solutions to these problems, there is serious political upheaval.

That there is $636 million more to spend makes the first problem easier to solve.  It does very little to solve the second problem.  There are structural problems with the way our government works to make it more efficient.  Like changes in the private sector, these are painful.  But if Wisconsin is going to be competitive job-creator (we’re up big in category, by the way), we need these changes.

Palermo’s Pizza Factory Tour

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Tour Palermo’s Pizza Factory


Special Guest:

Giacomo Fallucca

President and CEO of Palermo’s Pizza


[email protected] 


Space limited to 50 people, so please  

reserve your spot early!



Thursday, May 19


5:30 p.m.   



$5 for the Tour and Pizza

Pay at the door 


RSVP by May 12 to

Getting Involved in Politics

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Last night, the Wauwatosa City Council decided to go back and revisit a decision that they had already made–that, instead of signing new union contracts, the City would wait for the Walker budget repair bill to go into effect. 

Mayor Jill

A large majority of residents who showed up last night and on March 15th to voice their position were in opposition.  They believed that the City should take advantages of the savings and provisions of Governor’s Walker’s repair bill (If you’ve been listening to Mark Belling, you’ve heard about this).

The Council, however, voted to go ahead and enter into the contracts (8-7).

But this morning, that didn’t matter.  Because the Mayor of Wauwatosa, Jill Didier, vetoed it.  So Wauwatosa won’t be entering into the union contracts.  We conservatives won!

It gives me great personal satisfaction to say that (beyond just the conservatives winning).  I personally volunteered many hours working for Jill’s campaign in 2008.  Because it was a fall election, most of the walking was done on the weekends in February and March, when it was really, really cold.  Jill’s campaign wasn’t huge.  I think there were 30 people who lit. dropped a ward.  I think Jill raised about $15,000 (she was outraised 3-1).

My point here is this:  in local politics, you can make a huge difference. If you’re smarter and work harder, you can help change government in meaningful ways.  There were many, many people who wanted a certain outcome of the meeting yesterday.  But because a fairly small group had taken the time and effort 3 years ago, we got the conservative outcome that we wanted.  Sometimes, outcomes are simply just the result of hard work and being a little bit smaller.  If you’re willing to put the effort and money in, it doesn’t matter how many union folks show up at the


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One of the best things about CYP has been our speakers.  We feel that the quality of our speakers has really been top notch.  From Tim Sheehy to Mike Grebe to Scott Walker, we are very proud to offer a tremendous assortment of Milwaukee conservatives.  You should come to our events to see our speakers in action and to shake their hand.  Its better and less biased than reading about it in the newspaper. 

For example, you could have met re-elected Supreme Court Justice David Prosser.  He told you what was going to happen in the campaign and it did.  Nevertheless, the forces of truth, justice and the American way won out and for that we are thankful.  Congratulations Justice Prosser! 

“A funny thing happened to me on the way to my concession speech,” Prosser said. “The people of Wisconsin told me to tear it up and go back to work.”

For more, check out MacIver:


News: Stop spending money!

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Despite what Democrats and some Republicans are saying in Washington, there is no more money.  I suppose that’s a little imprecise–there is a question if the US can pay back its debt at the rate its going.  In 2011, the US will run a deficit of 10.8% of GDP.  That is a $1.5 trillion deficit. 

Now it isn’t just the tea partiers talking about the goverment’s outrageous deficit.  Its the S&P bond rating service, which gave the U.S. a “negative” rating on its ability to pay back its debt.

These are scary times.  The idea that the US could default on its debt was unimaginable.  Well, a decade of politicians spending money uncontrollably has put us in a bad spot.

What will get us out of this mess?  First, the resilient US economy will continue to bounce back.  Hopefully, policies at the state level, where pro -business governors, will help business grow by decreasing the burden on business.

Second, there are indications that politicians are getting serious about this issue.  As voters are finally waking up to the notion that we can’t spend any more money (sometimes it takes voters a while to become educated on various topics), it will become more palatable to mount serious reforms to control the debt.

That’s where Paul Ryan comes in and his roadmap to the future.  Rep. Ryan has been serious about offering up solutions to the nation’s deficit problems by tackling the outsized and unsustainable growth in entitlements.  At very least, Ryan can claim a victory in pulling the President and Democrats to the table and offer their own plan.

In the meantime, Republicans and Democrats agreed to a $40 billion reduction in spending in the current year.  I was part of an e-mail debate about whether a bill that solved 2.6% of the problem was worth it or if the Republicans caved in negotiations with the President.  I thought it was a good first step on a continuing budget resolution that, because of time and subject matter, did not consider entitlements or military spending. 

Shooting was great on Sunday.  We thankfully still have our second amendment rights.

Vote Today, April 5

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Election day is here once again. With all that has taken place in Madison over the last couple of months, today’s statewide race for Supreme Court and the local race for Milwaukee County Executive are especially important.

Among those on the ballot today are recent CYP guests Justice David Prosser and County Executive candidate Jeff Stone. And for those of you living in the 60th assembly district, founding CYP member Jake Curtis is running for the state assembly seat vacated by Mark Gottlieb when Governor Walker appointed him the head of the state’s Department of Transportation earlier this year.  

Click here if you’re not sure where to vote. Polls are open until 8 PM.

State Capitol Protests

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By now, we’ve all heard about the protests and the governor’s stance. Obviously, most people in CYP support the governor whole-heartedly.   Our friends at WPRI have some of the better write-ups on this here.

After reading this article about how the protestors have made this into a big sleepover, it reminded me of that great anti-hero, Eric Cartman: