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Your Federal Tax Dollars at Work

08.03.2010 · Posted in Uncategorized

Senators Coburn and McCain today released a report entitled Summertime Blues: 100 Stimulus Projects that Give Taxpayers the Blues. The report highlights the wasteful spending by the federal government that has occurred as a direct result of the Obama stimulus package passed weeks after the inauguration last year. Hailed by the administration and congressional Democrats as the jump start our economy needed, the public must now come to terms with the fact that, eighteen months later, the money has been committed and the economy still struggles.  Banks hesitate to lend, businesses continue to cut back rather than hire, and we as ordinary taxpayers will ultimately be paying the bill long after all who are responsible for the bill’s passage have left the political arena.

Among the “shovel ready” projects that will put this generation and the next into debt:

$1.9 million for documenting African ants

$677,000 to study how chimpanzees react to inequality

$144,000 to study the effect of cocaine on monkeys

$500,000 for microchip-embedded recycling bins

$1 million for bus station art

$181,000 to develop protocols for freezing rat sperm

These are only a few of the hundred projects analyzed in the report. I can only imagine how much better American society will be once we know how chimps react to being treated differently from one another, or once we’ve mastered the art of freezing rat sperm. (We’ll leave aside for the moment how scary it is that Big Brother will be tracking how often certain Ohio residents fill their recycling bins and drag them to the curb.) If these are the projects that actually received federal funding, one can only imagine the proposals that were considered but didn’t make the cut.

More posting shortly

08.02.2010 · Posted in News

Although we’ve had a number of different events (and we have some really awesome events coming up (as you can see on the right side of our page), we’ve kind of forgotten about blogging.  That’s a shame, with all of the campaigns going on right now.

We have an awesome speaker on August 19th at Trocadero–Henry Tyson will tell you about how the choice program is working in Milwaukee. 

If you’re working on a campaign and are having an event or need some help, please let us know and we’ll see if we can’t help get the word out.  Or, if you just wnat to blog about the day’s issues, let us know and we can help get your message out.

Jason Kohout  [email protected]

August 19th CYP Happy Hour

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Location:  Trocadero (1758 N. Water)

Time:  5:30-8:00, speaker at 6:45

Speaker:  Henry Tyson of St. Marcus School  

CYP is proud to host Henry Tyson.  Mr. Tyson leads St. Marcus School, a private choice school where poor and minority children are acheiving remarkable gains.  Every day, Mr. Tyson is proving conservatives correct–that when minority and poor children are given choices and held to a high standard, they will choose to be accountable and they will succeed.  The school choice program in Milwaukee is under political assault, while at the same time, it holds enormous opportunity to solve Milwaukee’s ills.
CYP Happy Hours are free.  Please, just show up and introduce yourself.  Thanks to Shannon O’Connell for the location and Jake Curtis for arranging the speaker. 

On Healthcare Reform

03.22.2010 · Posted in News

Our side lost yesterday and in a big, dramatic fashion.  We are now going to spend billions of money that the country does not have to not solve a critical problem–the growth of healthcare costs.  You can read about the specifics elsewhere:  as Paul Ryan said, this is not who we are as a country:  http://article.nationalreview.com/428833/paul-ryan-is-not-ready-to-give-up-on-health-care/robert-costa

But you can’t blame your opponents for doing what they said they were going to do (and the Moveon.org/Pelosi types were very clear that they were going to do this).  And you can’t blame your opponents for having the willpower and tenacity to follow through (if nothing else, the Democratic leadership put on a clinic on how to pass this monstrosity in the face of anti-Obama-care majorities). 

You may agree that this healthcare reform bill is awful.  That may be so.  But we now know that awful policies do not defeat themselves.  No one should ever wonder again what will happen if each and everyone of us is not engaged and willing to do our part.

All the tea parties and all the opposition were not misguided.  They came very close to stopping this thing.  But it just wasn’t enough (or at least it wasn’t on Sunday).  This will not be easy.  We will need to get more organized and we will need to work harder and smarter, and we will win through.

What we need to do:  (1) get other people on the email list and invite others to join us for events–this why we have them, to get new people on the list,(2) send an email to [email protected] and help us plan and grow the network, and (3) help us get people connected to campaigns where they can make a difference.

Things are getting Exciting

02.15.2010 · Posted in News

I’m going to post the next month and a half of events and things are starting to heat up. With the end of healthcare reform (courtesy of Mr. 41, Scott Brown), we’re really seeing some excitement out there.

It’s a miracle compared to when Jake and I started this group in August 2008.

In any case, thanks to our CYP team, who has put together some excellent stuff to attend (see the upcoming events page on top). In addition, some of the campaigns are now understanding what we’re doing, and so they are willing to host events that interest our members–so we’re going to invite you to those events, as well.

Just make sure to invite a friend. That’s the most important thing to do–make sure to add them to the email list.

Thanks to Russ Darrow & Hi Lo

01.24.2010 · Posted in News

On Thursday, we had another awesome social hour.  We toasted the 41st vote against healthcare, soon to be Senator Scott Brown and we heard our special guest Russ Darrow, who kindly stopped by the bar to share a drink with CYPers.  Russ shared his unique perspective on Wisconsin politics, having been a U.S. Senate Candidate (the “Right Russ”).

We had a great crowd of about 100 people.  Thanks for coming.  Thanks to Heather Treptow for the great location–the HiLo Martini Bar was great.

We have awesome events coming up (things you will not want to miss).  Please tell others to get on the email list so they’re not missing out. 

Jason Kohout
[email protected]

See you next year, CYP

12.13.2009 · Posted in News


We’ve had a heck of a year.  We started with a great Scott Walker event, and never let up.  We had a several notable events, and we met a ton of new people.  Right now, the number of people our group reaches totals somewhere north of 900 people.  We are beginning to move the scale, and nationally, it appears that the conservative movement is gaining strength.

We had a great turnout in December for Pat McIlheran.  His latest article.  I put a few pictures on the “past event page”. 

Next year will be crucial, because it’s an election year.  We will be working hard to increase activities–to get more people together and to begin pointing them towards activities that they can undertake to make a difference politically.  As always, if you’re interested in taking on a leadership role, please let me know:  [email protected] 

You can already beginning planning for the following events next year:

January happy hour (tentatively scheduled for January 21st, speaker to be announced).

Friday, February 12th:  Admirals Game with Abe Lincoln
You read it right!  Friday, Feburary 12th is Abraham Lincoln’s birthday.  CYP will celebrate by going to the Admirals Game where each ticketholder receives an Abe Lincoln bobblehead.  Help us celebrate this liberty-loving patriot. 
Tickets are $14.  Payment is required in advance.  Please send  a check to Brandon Henak at 904 E. Pearson St. #301, Milwaukee, WI  53202.  Email [email protected] for more information.

February 25th social hour:  former U.S. congressman and gubernatorial candidate Mark Neumann will speak to CYP at 5:30-8:00 at the Water Buffalo. 

March happy hour (to be scheduled):  We’re working on getting the other gubernatorial candidate, County Exec. Scott Walker, scheduled.

Also, some CYP members are putting together a bowling fundraiser for Rep. Leah Vukmir, who is running for State Senator in Wauwatosa, Brookfield, and West Allis.

“On the Lanes with Leah Vukmir “
Saturday, January 30, 2010, 1:00pm – 4:00pm
AMF Lanes, 10901 W. Lapham, West Allis 
$10 for 2 games and shoes, suggested donation $20

We hope that you’ll join us for one or more of these events, and invite others to our events.

In the meantime, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Jason Kohout